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Facebook Events (Or, how to reach 100x more people than just your Facebook fans)

June 8, 2015 - Posted by

In late March, Facebook rolled out the “Subscribe to Events” feature, allowing users to be notified when their favorite pages posted a new event. While pages have been able to post events for some time, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm shows updates to only certain users, unless you pay to promote your posts to a wider audience.

Enter: Subscribing to events.

Now, when followers subscribe to your events, Facebook Event notificationthey will receive a notification each time you post a new event. No more missing events from pages they care about.

For Business Pages, this change is huge in both concept and practice. This is a newer feature, so users may need to be shown how to subscribe to your page’s events. But once users catch on, pages with loyal fanbases will see a significant increase in overall reach. Not only will subscribed users see your events, but their friends will be able to see that they’re subscribed, too.

So does it really work? Absolutely.

Subscribe to FB EventsAs the City of Festivals, the City of Lenexa latched on to Facebook Events early. We saw the potential of social reach in getting the word out to our residents and visitors. While we had put our festivals out as Facebook events prior to the subscription rollout, we saw a dramatic increase in both reach and engagement after. We didn’t wait for people to discover that you could subscribe to our events. Instead, we took an active approach to promoting that fact (Within 24 hours of that post we had more than 75 subscribers).

Since then, Facebook has made it even easier to promote event subscriptions. Pages can now go to their own events tab and click “share events” – that post will automatically show followers that they can subscribe to the events (after our second post, we now have more than 200 subscribers).

Anecdotally, we’re finding that Facebook is showing our events to not only our subscribers but more people in general. Prior to subscriptions, we’d see somewhere between 50-100 people RSVP to one of our Facebook events. After subscriptions, several of our events have RSVPs in the thousands (and, our page has 5,700 likes) – Take our Food Truck Frenzy, for example.

FB Event ReachThe one drawback we’ve found is that detailed insights aren’t available for posts made within the event page, but Facebook does give pages general event insights on reach, views and engagement.

While events may not be the right strategy for all brands – especially those which aren’t location-dependent – our experience has been that it’s worth a try.



Who Cares? May Breakfast Recap on Storify

June 4, 2015 - Posted by

Normally when you hear the question "who cares?", it's delivered in a snarky tone and has a negative connotation. But as Jenna Bromberg, head of Social Media and Digital Engagement for Pizza Hut (@PizzaHut), shared, that question is a valuable one for social media professionals to ask when crafting content. From best practices in leveraging channel natives, to creative use of sponsored tweets to solicit product feedback to an amazing appreciation of bacon, your takeaways from our May breakfast were great, and we've grabbed some of the highlights.

AAFKC Shares Discount Code for GasCan

May 29, 2015 - Posted by

This old motel was used in the movie "Easy Rider" for the scene where Captain America and Billy were denied a room. Now it has a pretty lame sign and is for sale. About a mile east of Grand Canyon Harley and Route 66 Roadhouse, where the "No Vacancy" sign hangs. Get the apps "Best Road Trip Ever"  and Road Trip 66

One great benefit of being a part of SMCKC is we have really fantastic friends in the community who put on great events and give us discount codes to share! Our friends at AAFKC are hosting their second GasCan event coming to Sporting Park on June 26. There is a stellar lineup of speakers including:

You can see all the details at but when you register at, use code "GASCAN2015CLUBDISCOUNT" and you'll get $25 off the full-day price.  


Upcoming June Breakfast to explore reaching larger online audiences

May 22, 2015 - Posted by

A compelling message needs nothing more than a single post, tweet, or pin in order to reach a larger audience right? Usually not the case. What can professionals and organizations do to impact a larger readership?

Jake Jacobson (@JakesJournal), Public Relations Senior Manager at @ChildrensMercy will be presenting our June Breakfast: "Turning the Choir Into Preachers: How to Empower Others to Sing Your Praises" Friday, June 5.

Beginning at 7:30 a.m. at Grand Street Cafe, Jacobson will explore how social media strategies can compel your online audience to share your message.

In noisy market where even reaching local audiences online can be challenging, "Turning the Choir Into Preachers: How to Empower Others to Sing Your Praises" shows how to create enthusiasm around your company and your message. Sharing across platforms is feasible for companies who share their compelling message in various formats including text (Twittter) pictures (Pinterest) and much more.

With 12,000 followers on Twitter and 39,598 “Likes” on Facebook, Children's Mercy reaches audiences through engaging external users and internal staff. Discover how to communicate social media campaigns to an ROI-focused superior, engage business partners, and more internal factors to enhance your online reach.

"Turning the Choir Into Preachers: How to Empower Others to Sing Your Praises" will demonstrate social media strategies for you to begin using this month. Stand out and rally your target audience around your message to a larger audience. Register here on Eventbrite.

I mean, I Skimm’d it.

May 1, 2015 - Posted by

I don’t watch the news. There. I said it. I’m generally not home for the five or six o’clock version, ten o’clock is prime Netflix time, in the morning I tend to have Friday Night Lights on in the background as I like to be reminded that clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose. But I want to be able to speak to current events in an informed manner. I follow major news outlets for local, national, and global news but there’s a lot happening on Twitter and things get lost in the chatter. What’s a busy girl to do? Skimm it.

The Skimm, started by news veterans Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, is an email digest of pertinent events delivered right to your inbox every morning (Monday-Friday, Skimmers need weekends too). The Skimm takes the need to know current events of the day and presents them in a smart, informative, but truncated manner. And they’re funny. Sounds odd to refer to serious news stories as being funny but with references to pop culture mixed in they make reading the news easy and entertaining. Included in each Skimm edition readers find links to further information on featured stories that pique their interest, as well as book recommendations and a shoutout to Skimmers celebrating birthdays. Beyond the Daily Digest the Skimm also provides guides to large issues such as Fracking, March Madness, Elections.

As a service, I’m a fan; as a person active in social media I’m amazed at how they utilize their channels to cultivate readership. There is the almost requisite ability to share individual stories via their social channels by placing “Skimm This” icons and leaving room for additional commentary, which I appreciate. Readers sharing stories or suggestion subscription via social channels has created an upswell in subscription, while their growth comes from a variety of sources they credit word of mouth sharing with a bulk of it. Skimm readers that share subscription links, dubbed Skimm’bassadors, get swag *and* special birthday shout outs. Through word of mouth growth, media opportunities, and some dabbling in Facebook advertising The Skimm has a cultivated a readership of over half a million people. The real kicker is, out of those over 500,000 people receiving a daily email… they have a 45% open rate. FORTY FIVE PERCENT. In email marketing world, that is pretty fantastic. From engaging subject lines to easy on the eyes design the Skimm team knows email. While the Inbox is their bread and butter other social channels don’t feel like a forced fit, their Instagram feed a mix of readers showing their Skimm, delightful puns, and shots of Skimm HQ (they just moved). From channel to channel the Skimm team has created an engaged community that, while informative, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Skimm team’s goal is for it to feel like you’re getting your news from a friend. Their consistent voice across email and social channels makes it easy for the readers to engage with and feel comfortable with sharing the news. Now if they could only include gifs…

Not subscribed to the Skimm? Do it now, thank me later.

SMCKC April Breakfast Recap on Storify

April 24, 2015 - Posted by

If you've been to one of our events, you know that the content our presenters share is always helpful. But in the live stream of takeaways and dialogue that is shared in real-time with the #SMCKC hashtag, there are always a few great nuggets of wisdom as well.
Check out our Storify for the best content from that stream at our April breakfast, and make sure you follow us on Storify for more. (Don't forget the unbridled cuteness of Sarge and Boomer!)


April 9, 2015 - Posted by

Step up your commitment to the Kansas City social media community! Run for a leadership position on the SMCKC Executive Board or join a committee.

The nomination period for Board positions will open in late spring, and elections will happen at the end of June. Each position is a 2-year term. Board positions up for election this summer are:

Vice President

As a strong second in command to our fearless leader, the Vice President will:

  • Fulfill the responsibilities in the President's absence
  • Guide, counsel, and coach the executive board members
  • Help recruit committee leads as needed, and manage the committee framework/process
  • Coordinate the election process; including nominations, confirmations, setting up the voting format, tallying, and announcing results
  • Serve as a community representative for SMCKC


Dolla, dolla bills, y'all. We're a bunch of marketers but we need someone to keep track of the budget and board meetings. The Treasurer/Secretary will:

  • Work with SMC International's Treasurer to manage club finances - don't worry, SMC does all the hard work!
  • Give financial updates in every board meeting and respond to all financial inquiries from members
  • Chair a finance committee, which prepares budgets and assists in fundraising development
  • Assist President in preparing and executing board meetings

Events Co-Chairs

Events are kind of our jam, so much so that we need two great individuals to keep the great content coming. The Events Co-Chairs will:

  • Coordinate and plan events (monthly breakfasts. happy hours, quarterly lunches)
  • Chair the Events Committee and work closely with the Communications Committee on even promotion
  • Set up EventBrite pages for each event, promote with the Communications committee
  • Work with the Technology Chair for event A/V and Treasurer for event finances
  • Ensure check-in support at events
  • Monitor attendance and evaluation at/post event
  • Act as contact for speakers
  • Work with Advocacy to plan and publicize events outside of the program schedule


We wouldn't be anything without our awesome members! We need a welcoming face for new members and to continue to provide value to existing members. The Membership Chair will:

  • Welcome new members into the SMCKC community
  • Educate new and existing members on resources/events
  • Execute on SMCKC's goal to expand social media literacy in Kansas City
  • Work with Events Chairs to provide professional development events
  • Continue to build SMCKC member benefits

Communication Co-Chairs

As a group focused on digital communications we have so much to say that we need two people to manage the content. The Communications Co-Chairs will:

  • Coordinate and write content for bi-weekly newsletter
  • Maintain content calendar for blog posts
  • Promote events via SMCKC channels
  • Oversee SMCKC social profiles, develop content strategy
  • Assist the Membership Chair in communicating to new and prospective members as well as the larger Kansas City community about SMCKC benefits, events, and membership
  • Maintain an active Communications Committee

Interested in one of these positions? Please reach out to Kris Nielsen.

Not sure you want to join the board but still would like to take on a more active role in SMCKC? We have three committees currently accepting new members.

Events Committee

Events committee members work with the Co-Chairs, vendors, speakers, and other contacts to coordinate logistics and manage the execution of SMCKC's various events and promote other groups' events. These positions are ideal for individuals looking to get involved with the community, gain experience with event management, and network while having fun. Contact Kaele to join the Events Committee.

Communications Committee

The communications committee assists the Communications Chairs with content strategy and development, managing SMCKC social channels, designing collateral, and live-tweeting SMCKC and partner events. This is a good fit for busy individuals looking to get more involved with SMCKC events. Contact Kate to join the Communications Committee.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee will be focused on the execution of two events this year: the SMCKC revamped non-profit strategy and the second annual Amps Awards. Committee members may assist with either or both of these events. There will be roles open for event planners, copywriters, communications managers, designers, and those looking to get more involved with two our newest SMCKC events. Contact Andrea to join the Advocacy Committee.

YFA + SMCKC Second Friday Happy Hour

April 6, 2015 - Posted by

We’re party crashing for this month’s Happy Hour! On Friday, April 10, we’ll be joining forces with Nelson-Atkins Young Friends of the Arts for their Second Friday Happy Hour. Not sure if you’d like to join? We thought of five reasons you should attend, have more to add? Leave them in the comments!

  1. Never been to the Nelson? This is a great opportunity to visit!
  2. Mingle with a combination of two of the most active groups in KC, both of which are filled with connected (and attractive) young professionals.
  3. Pre-game your dinner at Rozelle Court. A served dinner accompanied by live music is perfect for date night or night out with friends.
  4. If you become a member of YFA you receive a FREE drink! Future membership benefits include free parking, free admission to exhibits, pre-sale and discounted tickets for events like the White Party and Party Arty.
  5. Nothing kicks off the weekend like Happy Hour.

We hope to see you on Friday, be sure to register HERE.

Content on the Fly with Great Plains SPCA

April 3, 2015 - Posted by

What does it take to stay timely on social media and how do you do it with very little staff and/or budget?

IMG_6681At April’s breakfast, Rachel Hodgson, Chief Communications Officer and Emily Hawkins, Social Marketing Manager at Great Plains SPCA answered these questions. All Great Plains SPCA’s marketing efforts are created in-house, allowing the marketing team creative freedom in responding to local events. As a team they are not just trying to get pets adopted into forever homes, but recruit volunteers, drive donations and be the voice for 12 lifesaving programs. No small task, huh? Great Plains SPCA has a large and engaged audience on social media so why not leverage their help? Being the savvy social experts they are, they always listen to what their audiences are talking about.

During the Royals’ unforgettable post-season run last season, excitement was buzzing all around this great city. So Great Plains SPCA’s marketing team saw an opportunity to build off the Royals’ success and drive adoptions for the shelter’s dogs and cats. Wait, they did what? How?

It just happened to be a time that Great Plains SPCA was facing a cat/kitten capacity crisis with over 600 in their care. So naturally playing off of baseball superstitions and rally caps…Rally Cats was born. The Royals made it in the ALCS, so why not waive all adult cats’ adoption fees and price kittens at $10. Within 19 days, 231 cats and kittens found a home!IMG_6693

Cats rule but dogs don’t drool! Promoting only through social media each time the Royals won, all dogs (yes including puppies) were 50% off. So the competition was getting fierce not just on the baseball diamond but at Great Plains SPCA, too! Creating shirts and asking KC to pick a side, they sold blue and white baseball-themed shirts for Team Dog and Team Cat… how much could be truly be raised though? Well… 1,300 shirts were sold, resulting in $13,000 in surprise net revenue.

Finally, Great Plains SPCA shared their tips for success on being social in real time:

  1. Be Clever- You have to stand out in a crowd. Have fun and start the conversation.
  2. Be Timely- Wait, did Billy Butler just steal second base?!… Share in the shock! Oh, did you just see that sign that said, “If the Royals win…He’s buying me a puppy?” -Capitalize on the moment.
  3. Be Ready- Compile photos beforehand and talk about possible post before any major event.

Getting social in real time takes a lot more than just one kick-butt social media manager! Make sure your leadership is on board and ready to jump in on the fun. Have all hands on deck from your marketing team to help with addressing questions and helping create shareable content. AND get everyone in on the fun!

Oh don’t let me forget to mention…there were puppies at the breakfast too! These sweet boys are available for adoption. If you would be so kind to help spread the word we’d really like to get these guys adopted!

Thank you Great Plains SPCA for a great presentation. Click here to see the presentation.

Welcome to the new!

April 1, 2015 - Posted by

From all of us on the SMCKC board, I’d like to welcome you to the all-new Our previous site got us through many years of growth, but was no longer fulfilling our day to day needs.
To say that our new site is cleaner would be an understatement. We intentionally designed it to be much more simple and mobile-friendly, while providing the features that most users enjoyed on the prior site.

That said, there was not an extensive review process, as we intended to launch quickly and solicit member feedback in the coming weeks. What do you think it needs? Tell us via twitter using the #SMCKC tag or send us comments on the Feedback page.

Special thanks goes to our Technology Chair, Tyler Hillsman, for putting in the incredible work that this took and bringing us to a new chapter of our online presence.
We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Kris Nielsen
President, SMCKC