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YFA + SMCKC Second Friday Happy Hour

April 6, 2015 - Posted by

We’re party crashing for this month’s Happy Hour! On Friday, April 10, we’ll be joining forces with Nelson-Atkins Young Friends of the Arts for their Second Friday Happy Hour. Not sure if you’d like to join? We thought of five reasons you should attend, have more to add? Leave them in the comments!

  1. Never been to the Nelson? This is a great opportunity to visit!
  2. Mingle with a combination of two of the most active groups in KC, both of which are filled with connected (and attractive) young professionals.
  3. Pre-game your dinner at Rozelle Court. A served dinner accompanied by live music is perfect for date night or night out with friends.
  4. If you become a member of YFA you receive a FREE drink! Future membership benefits include free parking, free admission to exhibits, pre-sale and discounted tickets for events like the White Party and Party Arty.
  5. Nothing kicks off the weekend like Happy Hour.

We hope to see you on Friday, be sure to register HERE.

Content on the Fly with Great Plains SPCA

April 3, 2015 - Posted by

What does it take to stay timely on social media and how do you do it with very little staff and/or budget?

IMG_6681At April’s breakfast, Rachel Hodgson, Chief Communications Officer and Emily Hawkins, Social Marketing Manager at Great Plains SPCA answered these questions. All Great Plains SPCA’s marketing efforts are created in-house, allowing the marketing team creative freedom in responding to local events. As a team they are not just trying to get pets adopted into forever homes, but recruit volunteers, drive donations and be the voice for 12 lifesaving programs. No small task, huh? Great Plains SPCA has a large and engaged audience on social media so why not leverage their help? Being the savvy social experts they are, they always listen to what their audiences are talking about.

During the Royals’ unforgettable post-season run last season, excitement was buzzing all around this great city. So Great Plains SPCA’s marketing team saw an opportunity to build off the Royals’ success and drive adoptions for the shelter’s dogs and cats. Wait, they did what? How?

It just happened to be a time that Great Plains SPCA was facing a cat/kitten capacity crisis with over 600 in their care. So naturally playing off of baseball superstitions and rally caps…Rally Cats was born. The Royals made it in the ALCS, so why not waive all adult cats’ adoption fees and price kittens at $10. Within 19 days, 231 cats and kittens found a home!IMG_6693

Cats rule but dogs don’t drool! Promoting only through social media each time the Royals won, all dogs (yes including puppies) were 50% off. So the competition was getting fierce not just on the baseball diamond but at Great Plains SPCA, too! Creating shirts and asking KC to pick a side, they sold blue and white baseball-themed shirts for Team Dog and Team Cat… how much could be truly be raised though? Well… 1,300 shirts were sold, resulting in $13,000 in surprise net revenue.

Finally, Great Plains SPCA shared their tips for success on being social in real time:

  1. Be Clever- You have to stand out in a crowd. Have fun and start the conversation.
  2. Be Timely- Wait, did Billy Butler just steal second base?!… Share in the shock! Oh, did you just see that sign that said, “If the Royals win…He’s buying me a puppy?” -Capitalize on the moment.
  3. Be Ready- Compile photos beforehand and talk about possible post before any major event.

Getting social in real time takes a lot more than just one kick-butt social media manager! Make sure your leadership is on board and ready to jump in on the fun. Have all hands on deck from your marketing team to help with addressing questions and helping create shareable content. AND get everyone in on the fun!

Oh don’t let me forget to mention…there were puppies at the breakfast too! These sweet boys are available for adoption. If you would be so kind to help spread the word we’d really like to get these guys adopted!

Thank you Great Plains SPCA for a great presentation. Click here to see the presentation.

Welcome to the new!

April 1, 2015 - Posted by

From all of us on the SMCKC board, I’d like to welcome you to the all-new Our previous site got us through many years of growth, but was no longer fulfilling our day to day needs.
To say that our new site is cleaner would be an understatement. We intentionally designed it to be much more simple and mobile-friendly, while providing the features that most users enjoyed on the prior site.

That said, there was not an extensive review process, as we intended to launch quickly and solicit member feedback in the coming weeks. What do you think it needs? Tell us via twitter using the #SMCKC tag or send us comments on the Feedback page.

Special thanks goes to our Technology Chair, Tyler Hillsman, for putting in the incredible work that this took and bringing us to a new chapter of our online presence.
We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Kris Nielsen
President, SMCKC


March 27, 2015 - Posted by

Members of SMCKC,

What a year for SMCKC 2015 is turning out to be! Between 100+ member breakfasts and our first-ever AMPS awards, SMCKC is starting the year off with some amazing content.

Thanks a ton to everyone who was able to join us for the AMPS in February. We have some exceptionally talented social media professionals in Kansas City putting together campaigns that are among the best in the industry.

I’d like to thank the SMCKC board as well as an incredible group of volunteers for making this a reality. That includes our SMCKC Volunteer of the Year, Jessica Best. I’d also like to thank all of our sponsors as well as our title sponsor IBM and our design sponsor Ariel Media for creating all of the collateral we needed to make this happen.

Before getting into the campaign winners – let’s give a special round of applause for our individual winners that were recognized for their exceptional contribution to social media, KC, and SMCKC:

Volunteer of the Year – Jessica Best (emfluence)

Rookie of the Year – Danuta Janizewski (Barkley)

Trailblazer of the Year – Jake Jacobson (Children’s Mercy Hospital)

Congratulations also to the following category winners, who were reviewed and voted by our independent judges from SMC Des Moines to be the best of the best:

Over the next few months we plan to go into more detail on these campaigns, both in the form of individual blog posts and as future content for breakfasts and professional lunches.

We’d also like to stress that this was just the beginning! Was something missing? Tell us! Was there something you absolutely loved? Tell us that too! I can (as always) be reached via Twitter @KrisNielsenKC.

Lastly – The first AMPS was a huge undertaking and we would love all the volunteers we could possibly get for next year’s show! Interested? Shoot Andrea Garcia (Our Advocacy Chair/Lead on the 2016 Show) an email at

Congratulations again to all of our winners and those who came out – it truly was a night to remember!

Kris Nielsen

President, SMCKC

SMCKC Brands Roundtable

March 13, 2015 - Posted by

Kansas City is home to several amazing brands doing some pretty cool things. Do you work for one of these brands? Enjoy talking about what you do and expressing your opinion on all things social? The SMCKC Brands Roundtable is the place for you.

This group will meet on a quarterly basis. Topics may include:

  • What's going on with your brands
  • Questions, comments, concerns regarding social media marketing
  • Things you'd like to see from SMCKC (breakfasts, lunch and learns, happy hours, etc)
  • General networking with peers

If you are interested in being a part of the Brands Roundtable or have any questions, please email Faryle Scott at Looking forward to getting everyone together soon!